What The Fuck, America?


Two enormous developments in the Decline and Fall of the United States, happening in real time: Michael T. Flynn has been charged and pled guilty to lying the FBI (involving a wonderful string of F words—"false, fictitious, and fraudulent"); experts seem fairly sure that the incredibly minor charge is a sign of Flynn's flipping on his superiors which, curiously enough, are only about three people, two of whom are the President and Vice President of the United States. I have a sinking feeling, however, that the lightnes of the charges is a sign that Mueller is just going to go easy on a few people and leave the rest of these assholes to do what they like. Recall how Reagan's administration was crippled and jailed when Iran-Contra came out. Oh, what's that, all of them went on to live happy cushy lives being paid vast sums to appear on TV and write op-eds? Wow, this country sucks.

James Comey has said nothing but he did tweet out Amos 5:24. You probably remember Martin Luther King quoting it in "I Have a Dream". You remember how well that went: half a century later Blacks are still oppressed and King was murdered in broad daylight. So, you know, we can expect more mighty streams of justice like that.

Which brings me to the second development, a hideous ratcheting downward in the U.S.'s descent into history's largest banana republic: The Republicans of the Senate passed their egregious tax "reform" bill over the objections of every single Democratic Senator. This bill is a murderous, evil scam which will wreck the economy and the people in it for the foreseeable future. I'm not one to worry about deficits but this is going to add $1 trillion to the debt. YAY.

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