What The Fuck, America?


One thing which continually surprises me about the current United States regime is how little they care for how things look. I'm no fan of the Obama administration but at a bare minimum they cared about how things appeared: You may doubt his sincerity but Obama was there to console when it was expected, he was there to read stories to kids if needed, he had press conferences and smiled and shook people's hands. Past Presidents, for good or ill, at least tried to make it look good.

The Trump administration doesn't even make a half-hearted attempt. Bad enough that Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; then he goes along with holding the opening ceremony on the anniversary of Israel's founding, which sounds fine, until you note that this is exactly also Nakba Day, the day (not coincidentally) over half a million Palestinians were removed from their homes and businesses by the Jews who still live there. And on top of that, Trump sends Bigot Pastor Robert Jeffress (who admittedly doesn't say much that's beyond the bounds of Christian theology but, seriously, you don't need to tell everyone they're going to Hell out loud) and Bigger Bigot Pastor John Hagee. And finally, Trump doesn't even have the stone tablets to put in a personal appearance, but sends Ivanka, Jared, and the Mnooch.

Meanwhile, about thirty miles away, Israeli soldiers are killing babies.

If you need links for the holy writ: Old Testament, Quran, New Testament.

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