What The Fuck, America?


The historic nadir summit that fell through, and then was back on, and then was done early, although maybe not, has finally happened, and, wow, it was an embarrassment for the United States. For crying out loud, Trump had a video made to impress Kim Jong Un. Next will he send him a mixtape?

For a change I put words in the Orange Meanie's mouth: His first line is a gloss on something Senator Tom Cotton (R, Fuckwit) said in an interview. Very nice: Tell everyone we won't negotiate with anyone unless we're afraid we'll get our asses kicked. We're America, bitch! Please don't hit us!

His second line is a quote, as are the quotes following (from here and here).

Trump initially tried to tell us he was finally ending the Korean War but of course since then the administration managed expectations down to...well, to about what we got, which was diddly, and also some squat.

But what we really got was priceless: A hopelessly destablized world order where carefully crafted international agreements are toilet paper but nuclear weapons get you free concessions from the world's remaining superpower! America's power truly has gone soft.

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