What The Fuck, America?


When I was last employed full time I took over from a guy who'd been there for ten years. One of the first things I did was clean the keyboard. I found it full of little tiny hairs, as if his knuckle hairs had been falling off for a decade and he'd never cleaned the keyboard once.

I also found that his approach to projects was to copy and paste the code from the previous project and change all the names of everything. Over and over. For ten years. With no acknowledgement of changes in security or best practices. At all. His HTML was in all caps, which hadn't the right way of doing things since Al Gore held elected office.

He'd stayed in that position right up until he'd earned the master's degree (in what I cannot imagine) the company had been paying for, and then he bolted.

I can't help but feel that's precisely what the Trump administration is doing to the executive branch. Filling it with tiny hairs and nail clippings, sucking out whatever of value they can get for themselves, and leaving everything a half-assed mess for whoever comes next.

Incidentally, when I couldn't magically fix everything that incompetent hairy asshole left behind I was fired. I expect that, too, is part of the Republican plan: When we as a nation rightly and righteously replace them with Democrats over the next few years, those Dems are going to be faced with a smoking crater of half-burned environmental regulations and smoldering coal miners and a total lack of expertise as everyone competent who worked in the government fled for the hills, and when those Dems can't get everything fixed, we're going to fire them, too, and get us some more fucking Republicans in there to "drain the swamp".

It's going to be fun.

Anyway: Accountants aren't thrilled with the new tax plan, the Trump government is still short a huge number of employees, and the Republicans couldn't even pass their own legislation properly the first time, which is heartening.

[Editor's note: My mp3 player just started Denis Leary's "Asshole" as I'm typing and...yes.]

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